The Mission


THE SHORTEST DISTANCE between two points is a straight line. That’s simple geometry. Well, periods are points, aren’t they? And if you think about it, almost every sentence sits between two of them. It seems like there should be some sort of easy to follow formula for clear and concise writing — some dependable rule to get you from point A to point B with maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, words don’t obey the laws of nature, and most writers end up going off point and astray sooner or later.

Every sentence I edit challenges me to find its perfect form and direction. For each sentence there is a unique solution to that challenge. I’ll find those solutions in your writing and get your words on track and in line. To do that, I’ll shape and refine your content to make it clean, clear, accurate, and focused. But that’s not all. Content is about more than just words. It’s about the whole package — words, images, design, and technology. I can help you balance all of these components to create a coherent and powerful whole.

Your words have the power to change your world, and it’s my mission to help you make that happen.